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Reduce Stress, Cultivate Peace, Live with Joy

Through my teaching, I hope to provide my students with a yoga and breath practice that will help reduce levels of stress, cultivate inner peace and balance, and create more space for joy. As we face hard issues in an increasingly challenging world, we all need tools to help us navigate daily life. In my classes, I help you build awareness of mind, body and breath to stay present both on and off the mat… and to build community. Practicing together can help give us the strength and support we need, leading to greater connection and well-being.
I am a Co-owner of Metta Yoga Studios I teach weekly classes at Metta, and am leading a wellness retreat in Maui later this year. My teaching is based on a blend of styles, weaving in mind, body and breath alignment from my training at Kripalu with the flow-based methodology of Yogaworks. I grew up in England and took my first yoga class in New York more than twenty years ago. Since then, I have continued to study with a range of inspiring teachers including Djuna Mascall and Jovinna Chan and have experienced first-hand the importance of practicing yoga for well-being. This is what inspires me to continue sharing the benefits of this practice. My classes flow between poses to build stamina and strength and end with more restorative poses to open and rebalance the body. 
I hope you will join me to practice at our studios in Marin County or in Maui!

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Temple is a caring professional with the perfect combination of spirit, knowledge, creativity and communication skills to provide a healthy and interesting practice. Always invigorating and evolving, providing for ongoing challenge and growth.

—  Rich H

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